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The revolutionary Broadcast TV channel is ready for your operation.

Basically to start operating the service you just need to upload the materials and set the schedule.

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TV broadcasting is no longer a complex matter, we make it simple.

  • Traditional TV broadcasting requires specialized broadcst hardware.
  • To build the simplest TV channel media enterpreneurs need to invest in costly equipment, in technical integration and engineering support.
  • This takes time and money.
  • This produces risk for the television enterprise.

We offers state-of-the-art solution which changes the paradigm of traditional TV broadcasting – our Cloud TV Playout service.

Press the button and your TV channel is on air

  • No capital expenditures.
  • No need for broadcast equipment such as playout servers, graphics servers, broadcast switches, encoders, multiplexors, and gear.
  • No server rooms.
  • No integration.
  • No engineering support.

The revolutionary Broadcast TV channel as a service solution is ready for your operation. You can upload your content, press the button and your TV channel is on air.

Distribution to all platforms

We support distribution to:

  • Satellite
  • Cable TV
  • IPTV
  • Web TV
  • Mobile and tablet TV – iOS Android


Fully web-based

Thousands of TV channels are using playout facilities to organize their TV program, but all of them use old fashioned broadcast equipment for their operation. Control of these channels is done through remote desktop software. And it is a shame.

Cloud Media’s clients receive account for our cloud based professional broadcast service and operate their channels totally on-line.

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